Thursday, 2 June 2011

DPM1 vs Antar1011

Right, clearly I am awesome at PBR, because I post videos on YouTube, it's the only explanation.

Just kidding, but now to the topic at hand.

This battle was against someone I met on the Serebii forums and I suppose this battle doesn't really need any explanation, as I commentate it.

Enjoy :)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sharingan vs Panas

 I began the battle with my blissey and spiritomb. When I saw the opponent send out kyogre, I was sure he would use water spout so tried my best to disable with sleep and confusion, but it still managed to take away spiritomb.

Then I sent out a second blissey, the swagger risk payed off as the kyogre hurt itself in confusion. I then used stealth rock to prevent him switching the kyogre around and curing the confusion. 2 blisseys is a very good strategy to wear down the opponent. The battle then just continued with toxics and softbioling to slowly wear out the kyogre and make water spout ineffective.

He then sent out metagross which was really unlucky for me. Firstly it cant be toxicated and secondly it had meteor mash which absolutely destroyed my blisseys. I took a risk with swagger, if it hadnt failed and metagross had attacked itself and he if he hadnt used an uber, the result would have been very different.

If anyone has comments on the battle or about how I can improve my strategy or even a challenge, I would really appreciate them. I am willing to accept all challengers in this blog for battles with no legendaries and lvl 50 all battles. also check out the amazing amazon offers along the sides, they have extremely cheap offers on pokemon games and they always reach you in good condition. They are were I buy all of my games.